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Passengers with Disabilities

Passengers with disabilities

We welcome all customers on Megabus services and do our best to assist those with walking difficulties or those who normally use wheelchairs.

For customers with walking difficulties, the driver will assist you to climb a few steps into the bus and help you into your seat. You should purchase your ticket online in the usual way.

If you normally use a wheelchair and are able to climb the few steps into the bus, we will store your wheelchair in the luggage bay and the driver will help you into your seat.

However, if you normally use a wheelchair and you need to remain in it for your trip, please do not purchase your ticket online, but arrange your trip through a customer service agent by calling 866-488-4452 who will check that there is space available.

If there is availability, then a bus with a wheelchair lift will be allocated to that trip. If the trip you want is full, the agent will suggest another departure.

Please also tell the agent if a personal care attendant (PCA) will be accompanying you so that a reservation can also be made for them. It is very important that you make your reservation as early as possible, but no less than 48 hours before the date of intended travel.

If you are visually impaired, please call us at 1-866-488-4452 and one of our professional representatives would be happy to assist you.  

Please also tell the representative if a personal care attendant (PCA) will be accompanying you so that a reservation can also be made for your PCA. There will be no charge for this service.

Please ensure that you have your credit card details handy prior to contacting us and note that you can carry up to one piece of luggage per passenger on Megabus. services. 

Learn more in our luggage policy section.

Megabus Canada is committed to advancing accessibility and making it a priority to understand the needs of our customers and employees. It is critical to understand how accessibility experiences may differ from one customer to another. We will engage with people with disabilities to better understand their experiences and how we can implement changes to address the diverse needs of our community.

All Canadians have a right and we want to ensure that our services are equally accessible. Additionally, we want our employees to work free from barriers. Our accessibility plan represents our dedication to identifying and removing barriers and making Megabus Canada more accessible.  If you have feedback regarding the development of our Accessibility Plan and complete our survey here.